Honey I'm Home Liver Wafers, Each
Honey I'm Home

Honey I'm Home Liver Wafers, Each

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Reward your loyal furry friend with a worthy snack made from real buffalo and coated in honey. Our Liver Wafers can break into smaller pieces for any size dog to enjoy!


  • Buffalo liver, lung, tripe, starch
  • honey, natural honey flavor,
  • malt extract, amylogum, potassium sorbate

Honey I'm Home was founded on the belief that strong and sweet could live together in the perfect dog treat. We set out on an adventure to source ingredients and develop practices that serve dogs, humans, communities, and even whole ecosystems, one delicious bite at a time.

We traveled to India to meet the water buffalo we use in our treats. When we found them roaming open fields with no fences, we changed our notion of "free range" forever, and for the better. We met the families who care for those buffalo, and found generations of farmers building communities around sustainable animal husbandry.

We learned the truth behind common industry terms. We know what it means to be truly grass-fed, free range, and sustainable - and we know what it really takes to make a spoonful of honey.